JEUX D'EAU: VERT Playing Cards by Alexander Petty


Limited Edition of 950

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From the beginning JEUX D’EAU Playing Cards were designed to look beautiful at rest. Even a single card should exude calm, symmetry and elegance. Now bathed in a licorice green, the cards of the Academy have been raised to the highest standard. Entrer JEUX D’EAU: VERT

Like dew on blades of grass, sweeping fans reveal elegant layers of pure white filigree; the “icing” that gives JEUX D’EAU its distinct, delicious look. Indulge.

Gone are the garishly bright colors traditionally adorning the court cards; darker shades easier on the eyes and immersible for the thoughts are a must.

1 review for JEUX D’EAU: VERT Playing Cards by Alexander Petty

  1. Albert Lee (verified owner)

    The deck is laced through with a lovely vine motif creating a flowing, dynamic pattern especially for cardists. Some of the court cards feature the faces of people that nobody bothered to identify. As someone who paid money for this deck I find that to be a smug and alienating gesture.

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