King Arthur Gilded GOLDEN KNIGHT serialized of 100


GOLD Foil Printing on the Back Design
Gold Metallic Inc on Face Cards
Embossed Premium Tuck Case with Black & Gold foil accents
Limited Edition of 100 Decks with holographic Numbered Seal

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Here we are with a brand-new deck that is going to take you back to the times of kings, queens, and cavalier knights with brave hearts. In collaboration with Studio Muti, we sincerely ask you to brace yourself for the brave journey all the way back to the 5th century’s Britain. There will be epic battles, sharp swords, regal royalty… Are you ready to become a part of the legend?

The King Arthur playing cards come in two different versions, Emerald Saga and Carmine Cavalier. The tuck case of each editions are different, the box of Emerald Saga is made out of premium matte paper embellished with gold & green foils embossed both on the outside, and inside of the box. While the Carmine Cavalier Edition is made out of premium soft touch paper garnished with red & gold foils embossed on both sides of the tuck case as well.

The images are depicted using line drawings, reminiscent of old runes, or illustrations in ancient books carrying the legends of the medieval knights. On the top of the box, we see King Arthur wielding a spear, sitting atop of a horse in battle armour. The king is carrying a majestic crown and looks fearlessly ahead of him, ready to fight for his kingdom. Below his image, there is the name of the deck written in large letters. The whole image is encircled with intricate designs of decorated columns and ornamental arches.

The back of the box features an even more complex design, where we see a mirrored picture of the king on his horse, this time carrying a long staff. The design is centred around an ornamental rosette in the middle of the picture, and the background is adorned by a complicated system of columns. The golden foil on both the front and the back of the box is offset by another layer of details, which is done in green or red foil, a shade darker than the colour of the box.

In the background, we can make out the outlines of the city, or perhaps the court of King Arthur. The flaps of the box are adorned with the symbol of the king’s famous sword Excalibur. The glory ride of beautiful details does not end on the outside of the box. When you open the box, the inside of it surprises you by a whole new scenery.


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