Latin Quarter Signature Edition Black Playing Cards by McClure and Stark


  • The cards are printed in the USA by United States Playing Card Company
  • Printed on premium crushed stock
  • The cards will have an embossed finish. This finish is commonly referred to as Air-Cushion, Cambric, Linen or Magic finish
  • Traditionally cut for a smooth faro shuffle
  • 2-way back design featuring metallic gold ink
  • Courts are semi-traditional for perfect card game use
  • Courts feature fillagree embellishments to the pips and are enhanced with metallic gold ink


  • The tuck is printed in the USA by industry favorite Clove Street Press
  • It features 2 foils including a matte gold and uncommonly used matte red foil
  • Printed on a smooth finish midnight blue card stock
  • Hand Assembled

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Welcome to the Latin Quarter. We love beautiful playing cards and quality poker chips which is why we set out to make our own. We wanted to create a “objects of art” that collectors would be proud to display prominently, magicians would reach for automatically, and cardists would stock in their arsenal — something that would make you the envy of all your pals on poker night.

The Latin Quarter is our fanciful interpretation of cards and chips for an illegal casino that existed in Lexington Kentucky 100 years ago. We treated the project like we were hired to create the branding for the casino and brought our own spin to it. The research was broad and deep on this one.

The “Latin Quarter” moniker harkens back to Paris in the Middle Ages. The Latin Quarter was the area around the great University of Paris where all the scholars and great thinkers of the time resided and Latin was the commonly spoken tongue in the area. Our design pays homage to that history. The typeface used for the Latin Quarter logo is a black letter font based on the dense calligraphic scripts that monks in the Latin Quarter would have used to write manuscripts. The Fleur De Lis is the historic symbol of the French monarchy and it makes appearances throughout the deck.


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