Leonardo MMXV Platinum Limited Edition by Dent-de-Lion Midi & Art Playing Cards


Limited Print of 1000

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The masterworks of Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, designed by hand in Gold and Silver Edition Playing Cards.Leonardo | Edition Platinum delights the curious eye. The tuck strikes midnight with rich black-on-black inks. Leonardo’s words dance backwards across the surface. A polished Jack of Spades glimmers under the light of a solitary star. The luxurious tuck is sealed with a perforated stamp bearing mysterious signs and markings.

Break the seal if you dare! Suddenly, a rush of suits escape, floating out into the night. The cards, revealed, have an iridescent sheen, otherworldly, their edges glinting jewel-like from within the darkened tuck. You ease Platinum from it?s sheath. The deck has a delightful weight in your hands. A hint of the Mona Lisa smile becomes yours.


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