Limited Edition The Black Gold Box Set Playing Cards by Card College


  • Contains 3 decks: Wine Red / Indigo Blue/ Deep Green.
  • Cool and elegant dynamic packaging.
  • Limited to 500 sets, each set has the same code.
  • Specially customized label (Each deck in the set has a unique limited code on the seal from 001 500)

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In order to be different from the wooden box of the Deluxe Box Set, we decided to use a paper board to make a creative packaging box. In the process of design exploration, we are inspired by the auto sunroof of sports cars. The goal we want to achieve is designing an extremely cool structure suitable for the card box. Finally, we did it!

The process of opening the package and taking out the deck feels so cool and special.

The Upper GIF shows the box of the Black Gold Collection Set. The biggest challenge was to use only paper sheets to achieve this mechanical structure. In order to ensure the rigidity of the package and the smoothness of the opening and closing, we tried dozens of kinds of paper and finally made the ideal come true.

  • Made of 500 gsm High-end matte black cardboard.
  • The box is entirely made of paper, six individual pieces, all assembled by hand.
  • The surface of the paper box is covered with a full-size foil pattern.



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