Lit Playing Cards V2 Collector Set by Michael McClure


1 x Standard Edition
1 x Limited Edition
1 x Private Reserve
1 x Gold Gilded
1x Collector Case

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Lit is back and better than ever! Designed after timeless classics such as Wynn and Jerry’s Nugget. We wanted to create a deck that has a beautifully simple and minimalistic design. Our goal was to design a deck that appeals to collectors, cardicians and technicians on every continent. Whether you are simply looking for quality playing cards for everyday use or you are a modern card technician in the market for fashionable tools, LIT playing cards offer 52 bits of pure handling perfection.

This stunningly sleek deck is an all-purpose deck that isn’t too showy for the professional performer. LIT playing cards are flexible straight out of the box with a high-quality embossed finish that gives this deck the amazing feel that card men and women have come to expect from premium high-quality playing cards.


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