Lit Playing Cards V2 JUMBO tuck of 8 Decks, Only 25 made!


This is a special Kickstarter add-on, only 25 of these jumbo tucks packed full of 8 Black Lit V2 standard decks were made!

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We ship all our decks in one of our free plastic deck protectors for their safety and your peace of mind!
All orders of 4, 6 or 10 decks will be shipped in one one of our storage gift boxes for free!

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Lit is back and better than ever! Designed after timeless classics such as Wynn and Jerry’s Nugget. We wanted to create a deck that has a beautifully simple and minimalistic design. Our goal was to design a deck that appeals to collectors, cardicians and technicians on every continent. Whether you are simply looking for quality playing cards for everyday use or you are a modern card technician in the market for fashionable tools, LIT playing cards offer 52 bits of pure handling perfection.

This stunningly sleek deck is an all-purpose deck that isn’t too showy for the professional performer. LIT playing cards are flexible straight out of the box with a high-quality embossed finish that gives this deck the amazing feel that card men and women have come to expect from premium high-quality playing cards.

Why do we have different tucks?

You will see tuck variations that serve different purposes. The performer in me cares more about the quality of the cards and less about how the tuck looks. I don’t want to spent the extra money on a custom tuck that I will throw away in a few days. On the other hand, the collector in me loves a very nice tuck to display. To solve this issue we offer both a standard tuck as well as a custom hand assembled tuck. As a thank you to those who have worked on this campaign we also print a few private reserves that aren’t for available at this time ( Unless included as a giveaway, a brick tier or special).

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