Llod’s Carnival Standard Playing Cards by Terry Doll


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From creator Terry Doll:

The characters are dreamt from my imagination which all tell their own story. Each character has their own personality with special abilities, skills and desires and they have the choice to enhance themselves at a mortal price. Most of the characters wear steampunk-like gadgetry which is not powered by steam, but with a smart alien power source called Lodscovium. The technology is unstable and produces a toxic mist which is deadly overtime without protection.

The top pose of the character shows their face and torso appearing lively and dynamic. This is how the character will look in everyday life. Each character has their own unique gadget and they display it proudly. The gadget either enhances their natural gifts or gives them enhanced special abilities. If they properly maintain their gadgets, then they will always appear healthy.

The opposite pose shows a face and torso of the same character, but looks grotesque, sickly, deteriorating, and deathly. The two faces and torso will be almost opposite each other like life vs. death (yin and yang). The character appears this way because of the life force in being drawn out of him/her from exposure to the Lodscovium radiation. The radiation will impact anything within its range including the gadgets. The gadgets and machines will appear aged, faded, rusted, distressed and be falling apart. Any organic material such as clothes will become tattered, old, and dirty.

These playing cards would be great for anybody who loves playing cards. Add them to your collection, give them as a gift or bring them to your next poker night.

2018 Release


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