Mandala (Buddhism and Hinduism Symbol) Playing Cards by Tara Studio


  • Printed by the US Playing Card Company
  • Premium Stock
  • Air Cushion Finish
  • Limited to 1000 decks

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Mandalas are an ancient symbol that represents the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Even in the most archaic civilities, circles were used to embody the cycle of life: the passing of time and of the seasons, the alternation between day and night, and between life and death. This concept is also expressed by the quote from the song Truce by 21 pilots: “The sun will rise and we will try again”, which you can find on the side of the tuck box.

Nowadays, mandalas are used as a form of stress-reliever, for example in the form of colouring books. It is said that, when drawing or colouring a mandala, you should let your emotions run free, so that the ending result will mirror your current emotional state.

By combining mandalas and cardistry, I decided to connect two of my biggest passions and stress-relievers: drawing mandalas and shuffling cards. So I hope that this will be the most calming deck of cards you’ll ever shuffle!


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