Marked Monotone (Atomic Red Foil) – Authentic Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards


  • THREE NEW EXCLUSIVE colorways: Icy Blue (suit marked), Atomic Red (suit marked), Felt Green (suit & value marked).
  • Includes unique “tower” marking systems.
  • Individually numbered seals.
  • Printed on a thin-crushed USPCC Premium (Bee) stock for a “modern” feel.
  • Available ONLY for the duration of this Kickstarter campaign to preserve exclusivity.
  •  NO EXTRAS PRINTED. Only the number of units sold during these 28 days will be printed.

In stock

We ship all our decks in one of our free plastic deck protectors for their safety and your peace of mind!
All orders of 4, 6 or 10 decks will be shipped in one one of our storage gift boxes for free!

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You spoke; we listened. And the impossible has been achieved. Jerry’s Nugget playing cards will be factory marked and released to the public for the FIRST TIME ever!

We are proud to offer several editions of these exclusive decks in collaboration with Riffle Shuffle and printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

This next-generation Jerry’s Nugget series has the uncompromising quality you’ve come to expect from the world’s leading playing card manufacturer. They will be TRADITIONALLY CUT and have a ‘Modern’ feel to them.


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