Mistborn Gilded Allomancy Edition Playing Cards by Kings Wild


The Gilded Allomancy Edition: Cards with gilded silver edges, plus a faux leather slipcase.

This project was an exciting collaboration. Artist Jackson Robinson had the incredible opportunity to enlist the help of a long-time friend and insanely talented artist, Gregory Titus, to create the final renderings of all the court cards of the Mistborn deck. 


King – Lord Ruler
Queen – Steel Inquisitor
Jack – Koloss


King – Kelsier
Queen – Mare
Jack – Marsh


King – Sazed
Queen – Tindwyl
Jack – TenSoon


King – Elend
Queen – Vin
Jack – Spook

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The officially licensed Mistborn playing cards are an exciting collaboration between fantasy Author Brandon Sanderson and Jackson Robinson, owner of Kings Wild Project. Kings Wild Project specializes in creating stunning thematic decks of luxury playing cards. Each card is beautifully illustrated and depicts a different character from the beloved fantasy story Mistborn. This first deck is inspired by the characters of the 1st Mistborn book, The Final Empire.


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