Mono-Hexa Limited Edition SIGNED w/ COA by Luke Wadey


  • 55 cards printed by MPC on Linen stock with MPC finish
  • Custom tuck, numbered and signed in a place of your choice
  • Custom personalised, additional ace of spades card with every deck
  • Printed, numbered and signed certificate of ownership

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As always, there is a hyper rare version, the Mono – heXa, Limited Edition. Following the suit of my other decks, so much time and TLC goes in to these decks with personalisation, packing etc, a lot of stuff by hand all done myself and so this, and their rarity justify their value. Anyone who has any of my previous LE decks knows the care that goes in to them, and that’s before you consider it’s another design!

1 review for Mono-Hexa Limited Edition SIGNED w/ COA by Luke Wadey

  1. davidfan793 (verified owner)

    Beautiful deck, super happy with it! It is printed by MPC, so it definitely feels different, but in an amazing way! I have never had a deck that still consistently fans perfectly, and I mean Perfectly, after this long of use! The back design is obviously stunning, and is my personal favorite when compared to the other Mono decks! Definitely worth the pick-up!!

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