Mono-X : Chroma Edition Playing Cards by Luke Wadey


  •  2nd special edition deck in the Mono series (10th in full range)
  •  Printed by USPCC, one-time print run 2500 total
  • 2000 numbered seal decks
  • 500 decks for gilding or non seal.
  • 2-way back, fully custom deck and printed tuck including metallic ink
  • 56 cards, premium bee stock crushed, traditionally cut with air cushion finish
  • 3x jokers and 1x double backer card included

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Mono – X was the first deck in the Mono collection, exploring how monochromatic color schemes can be used in playing cards. This was then followed by Xero and heXa as the range of cardistry decks grew. This made me think though, what would Mono decks look like if they became better suited for magic and gameplay, whilst still being inspired by the recognizable cardistry pattern work used on the decks so far? Out of this question, Mono – heXa : Chroma Edition was created and this confirmed that I wanted to explore this special edition range further, and where better to take the collection next than back where it all began. Besides, this deck will be the 10th in the full Mono collection… X is 10 in roman numerals 😉

I present to you, Mono – X : Chroma Edition.

The deck features totally custom pips and indices, with the black suits combing a streak of metallic ink through every pip to contrast and compliment the black ink. An all new ace of spades card uses the distinguishable Mono pattern work, but creates a geometric, collage style larger pip, a sharp and artistic graphic to flow with the rest of the deck.


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