No Secret Playing Cards by Secret Factory


‘- Limited to 300 decks, and never be reprinted.
– Come with a unique number sticker (the number of each deck is different).
– 2 gimmick cards specially designed for you in no secret deck. We hope they can be used in your performance.

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LIMITED EDITION: Only 300 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

No Secret Playing Cards from Secret Factory were produced as part of a one-time print that will never be reprinted. Each deck is uniquely numbered and comes with 2 exclusive gimmick cards for extra card magic potential.

About the Deck

The No Secret Deck of playing card that expresses the connotation to the fullest. Every detail seems that someone is telling you something

The retro double tuck case – there is a secret hidden in the middle of the tuck case, and the gilding process is used to make the original fancy content more attractive. This picture seems to be like magic in the eyes of most people. The complex “secret” is the most important, even the only part, of magic.

But is that really the case? In our opinion, the real important part of magic is hiding, so that people can’t see the secret or don’t care about the secret. This is the true way of magic.

In the design of the face, we adopt a very retro and beautiful style, which makes people never feel tired at any time, while we choose the modern font compared with art. This is a collision between retro style and new trend, which makes people immersed in retro style and full of freshness at the same time.

As for the back of the card, we chose a very simple design, only playing be natural with a deep and mysterious special tone of dark green, making the whole deck look very simple and full of charm.

The original intention of this design is that we believe that too many people have asked the same question: “what style should I fit in with or how can I find my own style?”

In fact, Dai Vernon, our professor, gave us the best answer:

“Be natural. What I mean by this is – be yourself.”

As the no secret deck card box expresses, fancy secret has never been the focus. The humble no hidden above the secret is the real thought and expression of no secret deck.

The real secret of magic is not the secret itself, but many people care too much about secret and don’t understand “no”, right?

  • Limited to 300 decks, and never be reprinted.



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