Pack of Dogs Playing Cards by Artiphany John Littleboy


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Playing cards are the visual heart of Artiphany’s product line. Praised for its original design and visual wit, this deck makes the perfect gift for dog lovers, animal advocates, and anyone who admires the transformative power of illustration. Since their launch, these cards have: gone viral (multiple times) online, become part of The Grommet’s award-winning selling platform, and shipped to dozens of countries across the world. For creative spirits and active imaginations.

Every card tells a story.

Printed on high quality card stock by the United States Playing Card Company. Standard poker size 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. (63 mm x 89 mm)

People say they love dogs all the time, but does it really mean anything if you don’t have dog-themed playing cards? Whether you’re playing poker, solitaire, doing a magic trick, picking your neighbor’s lock, or whatever other fun activities you do with playing cards, you can now do it all with tiny doodled doggies looking back at you.

Pack of Dogs, as the deck has been branded, is the latest project by San Franciscan artist John Littleboy, who operates a kooky and creative online playing card shop known as Artiphany. “Transformed by an artist’s imagination, these ordinary playing cards are a small box of treasure,” he writes about the canine-inspired set on his website. Adorable, simply-sketched critters have been Littleboy’s specialty since 2010, and he also offers a range of cheeky greeting cards – sorted by animal and occasion, of course.


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