Pixel Clown (Standard No Seal 8-Bit Game) Playing Cards by Kevin Wong


On Pixel Clown kickstarter they refer to the standard edition as the serial numbered set of 750.

WE were able to get a hold of completely not mentioned sets of non-serial numbers decks!! We haven’t been able to find these ANYWHERE else!

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Welcome to pixel kingdom! This deck will be the beginning of our pixel series. In this world of exclusive customization, you will take adventure with our leading character Pixel Clown. Let’s challenge monsters, save the princess, meet more pixel friends and go to more incredible countries

On the front of the card case you will see our protagonist pixel clown. We pay tribute to the FC game consoles of the 1980s, that was the golden age of pixel style. So you can see that there are two big game consoles connected. We hope to let you see the card box has a feeling that if you open the card box, just like playing a game you can enter the pixel kingdom with the pixel clown.

On the back of the card case is a TV set with a pattern of Novice Village where the pixel clown is about to leave. The text at the bottom reads Stage 1–Brave Mainland. Does it indicate that the clown will take us to adventure in more places in the future?

Can pixel clown defeat the monster to save the princess?

What will he face along the way?

Why do sages smile cunningly? Why is pixel cat so powerful?

Open the deck! You will get the answer!!


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