Psychic Pages Blue Memo Note Mind Reading Pad made by Liam Abner


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Psychic Pages – the ultimate mind-reading sensation!

Psychic Pages are specially designed gimmicks that use the Svengali principal. They allow you to read anyone’s mind, with 100% accuracy.

Customizable Magic: Predict and reveal anything you desire – Celebrities, animals, superheroes, or create your own magic moments.

100% Accuracy: Experience mind-reading miracles effortlessly.

Self-Working: No rigorous sleight of hand or difficult mentalism techniques.

Every unit is hand-built by Liam Abner to ensure the highest quality. These “Psychic Pages” will take your abilities to the next level!

Magicians worldwide have been using the Svengali principle creatively for years. Now you can join the ranks of world-famous magicians, and showcase your mind-reading prowess!


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