Psychonauts Gold Gilded Playing Cards by Joker and the Thief


Gold Gilded – Limited Edition of 100

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Namaste and welcome to Joker and the Thief’s campaign for Psychonauts Playing Cards, our next big custom deck! What is a Psychonaut? – From the Greek “Psyche” meaning soul. And “Nautes” meaning sailor.  A psychonaut explores the subconscious mind via altered states of consciousness. Typically induced by meditation, psychedelic substances, or holotropic breathing techniques. A psychonaut explores reality beyond the perception of the five senses, and documents the experience. The spiritual insights gained while on a psychedelic trip are then integrated into normal life. A psychonaut is guided by divinity, and seeks the understanding of reality itself. So, come and take a journey with us into the depths of the mind!


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