Quilling Playing Cards by Elephant Playing Cards


Premium poker-size playing cards.

Smooth shuffling, easy to read, great for all card games.

Unique hand-crafted quilled designs on every card.

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Our first deck in the ‘handmade’ series where we partner with grassroots artists to take what they love doing, and apply it to a deck of playing cards. These incredible designs were not made in a computer, they were painstakingly crafted over months by one of the finest Quillers in the world: Sena Runa.

A Paper Craft Experience


Perfectly detailed, the Quilling deck tuckbox features ivory white swirls on the box front and sides, overlaid with a distinctive rainbow quilled title and back.

The Definition Of ‘Intricate’


Every single element, from the Aces right down the the pips and even the corner numbers, have been painstakingly detailed in quilled art. No detail has been left standard. The result is a truly breathtaking yet functional deck of art like no other.


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