Regalia Black Playing Cards by Shin Lim


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Shin Lim (America’s Got Talent Winner and FISM Champion) introduces his signature Regalia Playing Cards.

This lavish deck of cards is not for those who are willing to simply settle for average. Regalia Playing Cards exude elegance with every detail and are built for those dapper magicians or cardists that truly want to infuse a touch of luxury into every routine.

Since Shin Lim uses all of his custom paying cards in real-life performances, they have to be built to perform. This is why Regalia Playing Cards are manufactured on an exceptional quality fine-crushed linen stock by Cartamundi. Magicians and cardists will be amazed by how smooth these cards handle, especially with difficulty or knacky sleights.

Each deck of Regalia Playing Cards is tucked into a unique double-layer card box that simultaneously emphasizes its gold-foil outer layer while effectively protecting the cards.


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