Regium Playing Cards (Classic & Antique)

  • Limited edition
  • Produced by NPCC in Ukraine (June 2021)
  • Embossed tuck boxes w. foils and custom seals
  • Deluxe Italian colored paper stock for tuck boxes
  • Metallic inks for fronts and backs of cards
  • 100% custom design of cards, pips and tuck
  • Highly detailed, hand-drawn artwork
  • 54 poker sized cards (52+2 jokers)
  • Savings on each deck with higher pledges
  • All decks shipped to backers in protective boxes

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Intricately crafted with undeniable character and flair, Regium playing cards – successor of Branle series! This set include 2 decks, Classic and Antique. Each deck has its own, unique hand drawn card faces, backs, and tuck box. Decks are completely custom – from the pips to the tuck box and deck seal. Some of the classic elements of playing cards are made almost classic to make it playable, while the art itself has been re-imagined, hand drawn, reflecting history and culture of XVI-XVII centuries. Artwork of each court card represent real historical person from the artist’s point of view. Each of the suits can be associated with some particular royal families from different European countries. For example, Britain, France, Spain and Eastern Europe (Rzeczpospolita, Transylvania, Hungary). Suits are not linked to specific countries directly, but the association is undoubtedly present. It is more like an alternative view to the real European history and culture of that era.


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