Royales Classic Midnight Blue Playing Cards


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The Royales are a luxuriously custom-designed deck of cards inspired by an unforgettable night of glitz, glamour and fortune at an iconic, fictional casino. Set in vintage-era Monte Carlo, they’re an artistic invitation to escape into a thrilling and prestigious world of chance that exists behind doors off-limits to most.

Intricately crafted with undeniable character and flair, I wanted to create an elegantly playful but ultra-sophisticated deck that celebrates a fine line between modern-minimal and old-world-classic style.

Premium cards fit for play at the elite high-roller tables of a vintage-era Monte Carlo casino, an intoxicating grand place that attracts the beautiful, the billionaires, the crème de la crème of high society. Exuding timeless class and high-end prestige, Royales Playing Cards invite you to embrace the exhilarating spirit of chance and seek your fortune at one the worlds most luxurious casinos.

 All Accented Aces  |  All of the Aces are beautifully embellished with enlarged decorated pips and metallic gold ink, however, extra design attention is paid to creating the iconic flourishing Ace of Spades as the classically most prestigious in the deck.

Fully Custom Court cards  |  While the courts emanate a classic french style known around the world, trained eyes will recognise each one as been completely re-imagined from scratch. Designed with extreme attention to detail, the execution of a minimal and sophisticated line art style and metallic gold flourishes are features that shine throughout the entire deck.

Classically Ornate Face Pips  |  Featuring redesigned classical shapes adorned with intricate metallic details, the spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds have been painstakingly customised with heavy focus on striking a perfect balance between visual weight and flourishing, eye-catching metallic gold ink detail. Not too much detail to be overwhelming, but not too little as to look standard, the perfect balance. In lush deep red, rich black and gold, the Royales faces are a symphony of luxury.


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