Schrodinger’s Cat (Dead Black Edition) Playing Cards by Overhand.card


  • Schrödinger’s cat-themed playing cards collection
  • Come in 3 colors & 2 editions for each color
  • 1000 Limited with the standard edition
  • 300 Limited for Quantum Gilded Edition
  • Custom Tuck Box, Pips, and Courts
  • Embossing & Spot UV Tuck Box
  • Custom Schrödinger’s cat Experiment Brick Box
  • 54 poker size playing cards (52 cards + 2 Jokers)
  • Manufactured by The Key Card Playing Cards company
  • Supreme Finish and Neoclassic Stock perfect for Cardistry, Magic, Game & Collection.

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The color black represents death in the Day of the Dead tradition. Black symbolizes the land of the dead and the per-Hispanic religions of the people.


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