Shard First Edition Playing Cards by System 6 x Kevin Kim


  • Printed by USPCC with Air Cushion Finish
  • Bespoke mirrored back design
  • Custom aces, court cards, jokers
  • Redesigned pips and indices
  • Custom limited edition tuck case

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SHARD strikes a balance between minimalist design and functionality. Printed by The United States Playing Card Company (USPCC), expert craftsmanship from over 150 years of experience is guaranteed in each deck. Every card is layered with USPCC’s signature Air Cushion Finish to allow for enhanced durability and buttery smooth spreads, fans, and shuffles.


The back design takes its inspiration from cardistry. A thin white border accentuates the movement of each card, and light blue and pink shapes contrast against the navy background to finish off a modern yet classy look. Bigger, bolder, and more stunning flourishes have never been easier.

Every aspect of this deck has been customized, and the aces are no exception. The geometric back design has been modified to create four eye-catching cards fit for any cardist or magician.


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