Brush Playing Cards by Dealersgrip


A colorful deck of playing cards featuring organic brush strokes in complementary colors – representing the creative process of an artist.

  • Organic brush strokes in complementary colors

  • Soft/sharp corner combination with palette

  • Thick distinct borders

  • Standard indexes in BRUSH colorway

  • Custom ace of hearts

  • Edition of 5000 decks

  • Manufactured by The United States Playing Card Company.

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As an artist, your only tool is a brush. As a cardist, your only tool is a deck of cards.

This analogy is what inspired the philosophy behind BRUSH Playing Cards. The minimalistic designs, complementary colors, and distinct borders all come together to visually accentuate the work of a card artist. Using organic brush strokes as an analog for the artistic medium, BRUSH conveys an abstract approach to playing cards while maintaining the powerful minimalism of the dealersgrip brand.

Now pick up your brush and start painting.


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