The Conjuring Playing Cards by Kirk Slater


  • All female cast of court cards
  •  Animated moon and corner indices pendulum
  • 4 custom designed Aces
  • 2 facing Jokers with the Raven created out of the back design symbols
  • 1 double backer
  • Custom Tuck-box with printing on the inside
  • Custom seal
  • Printed by USPCC

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The Conjuring is a custom designed deck of poker sized playing cards that will be printed by USPCC.

All of the face layouts have been custom designed to give a unique feel to the deck. From the all female court characters to the the position and style of the pips.

Each of the four aces are larger and custom designed compared to a standard deck of cards.

On the face of the cards, I wanted to provide some hidden magic. With the cards in numeric order, regardless of the suit, the moon symbol in the top right and the indices pendulum animate when flicking through the deck. The slight difference on the card is discrete enough to go unnoticed in normal use, but adds little magic for those that know the secret.



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