The Cross Playing Cards (Admiral Angels) Playing Cards by Peter Voth


‘- Comes in Two Beautiful Editions: Maroon Martyrs & Admiral Angels
– Premium Red/Blue Matte Finish Paper with Premium Embossing
– Featuring Gold/Red/White premium foils on the Maroon Martyrs Edition
– Foiled Inner Tuck Case with sophisticated illustration
Limited to 1999 Decks Each, with Foiled Number Seal
– Printed by TWPCC with their Luxury Finish

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The Cross is the most famous symbol of Christianity and one of the best-known symbols in the world. The reason for the symbol’s importance lies in the event that took place over 2000 years ago. Telling this story on a deck of cards is indeed somewhat controversial. If we look at it more soberly, it is Christian symbolism on a stack of paper. The Cross and the meaning and influence it has had on the world over the last 2000 years provide many opportunities to tell its story in the form of a deck of playing cards. The motto “The sacred in the ordinary” fits perfectly here. In collaboration with designer Peter Voth, we are proud to share this work of art with you all. Allow us to introduce – The Cross Playing Cards.

  • The court cards feature the Modern Martyrs of the Westminster Abbey Gallery; among them are victims of Nazism, Communism, and religious prejudice in the 20th century. To start with the Spades, we have Dietrich Bonhoeffer 1906-1945 as the King of Spades, Grand Duchess Elizabeth 1864-1918 as the Queen of Spades, and Wang Zhiming 1907-1973 as the Jack of Spades.
  • Hearts, we have Martin Luther King Jr 1929-1968 as the King of Hearts, Esther John 1929-1960 as the Queen of Hearts, and Janai Luwum 1922-1977 as the Jack of Hearts.
  • The Clubs are represented by St. Maximilian Kolbe 1894-1941 as the King of Clubs, Manche Masemola 1913-1928 as the Queen of Clubs, and Lucian Tapiedi 1921-1942 as the Jack of Clubs.
  • Lastly, in Diamonds, we have St Oscar Romero 1917-1980 as the King of Diamonds, Edith Stein 1891-1942 as the Queen of Diamonds, and Paul Schneider 1897-1939 as the Jack of Diamonds.
  • The four aces show the symbols of the four evangelists who reported in the Bible about the crucifixion of Christ. The Ace of Spades, St. Matthew the Evangelist, is symbolized by a winged man or angel, as seen in the artworks.
  • The rest of the Aces feature the other three Evangelists, such as St. John (Eagle), St. Mark (Winged Lion), and St. Luke (Winged Ox). The eagle symbolizes the figure of the sky and was believed by Christian scholars to be able to look straight into the sun. The Winged Lion is a figure of courage and monarchy, also representing Jesus’s resurrection. And the Winged Ox is a figure of sacrifice, service, and strength.
  • The Jokers feature the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, where Saint George tamed and slayed the Dragon which demanded human sacrifices. The legend has become an integral part of the Christian traditions relating to Saint George in both Eastern and Western traditions.


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