The Waltty Deck Playing Cards by Waltty Playing Card Studio


The Waltty Deck was released in June 2016 which designed and manufactured by Waltty form Taiwan. Waltty believe that play and collect playing cards is an important thing in life. Enjoy the fun with it is a unique lifestyle. Waltty implement their own stories and ideas on the playing card design to show the purely PASSION. Furthermore, The Waltty Deck is a NEW CHOICE to the people who like playing cards.

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The main concept of The Waltty Deck can describe in one sentence ─ “Life is about eat, sleep and get The Waltty Deck.” We want to make a deck which we can’t stop loving it. When we seek the meaning of life, we can bring it together happily. Furthermore, we hope it will be a new choice to the people who like playing cards.


The design style of The Waltty Deck is simple and fresh. Overall, it consists of red color and lines with the different length and thickness. There are many details on The Waltty Deck. On the tuck box, you can find a number 25. The origin of the number is mean a negative #25 in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013).” We use the number 25 to represent the process of we create the deck.

The word “AWEPLAN” is blend of awesome and plan that mean we do our best for a really cool thing. And the new design of the aces is particularly interesting. They are designed in lines to show the four playing cards suits abstractly.


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