Turtle Bay Playing Cards by Alex Trichon


  • One-time print run (1000), printed by Cartamundi
  • Slimline Stock; B9 True Linen Finish
  • Fulfilled by Gamblers Warehouse
  • First edition of the Ocean Bay Series
  • 56 fully custom cards including 2 jokers and 2 gaff cards
  • Fully custom tuck
  • Two-way back design
  • Fully marked deck with easy-to-read suit and value

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With the first edition of the Ocean Bay Series, Turtle Bay Playing Cards captures the essence of sea turtles, one of the most well-known oviparous animals in the world. Sea turtles are full of many colors; some are yellow, brown, black, and even red! But the sea turtles’ most common color is green, hence the color of the deck. Sea turtles are known for their prominent shells that protect them from predators, so we created an abstract shell-patterned background applauding their everlasting armor. The main design includes two swimming sea turtles breaking the border of a bold circle with the words Turtle Bay (the deck’s name), further removing “white space” from the design.


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