White Box Limited Fulton’s Clip Joint “10 Year” Playing Cards


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Only 100 of these alternate tuck Clip Joint 10 Decks Exist. Printed in San Diego with elaborate gold foil and a seal to match—all done on the press.



The deck that kicked off this whole new world of playing card design. In 2010 Fulton had a distant dream that could only be achieved by teaming up with his longtime collaborators Dan & Dave Buck to produce the first of its kind–a new deck of playing cards based on a cinematic theme and atmospheric location. The final project would break the mold and lay the foundation of what deck of cards could be.

The first deck to ever be based on a fictional location, Clip Joint celebrated the Los Angeles Fulton loves–that of the 1940s. Noir, Dark rooms that smelled of bourbon. Back-room card games with tobacco smoke yellowing the cards before the end of the night. Clip Joint isn’t a deck of cards–but an atmospheric experience housed within a house made of paper.

This EXTREMELY LIMITED WHITE TUCK EDITION Tenth Anniversary Edition celebrates the milestone that is The Clip Joint, The Buck Twins, and the revolutionary creation of Fultons Playing Cards.

Click in to the Clip Joint for the ride of your life.

These are being offered for the anniversary of Fulton’s Clip Joint. Custom tuck AND seal are letterpressed with metallic gold foil. This minimal take on Fulton’s Clip Joint is a marriage of the iconic Ace Fulton’s Midnight Fuel, with its notched back–and the original Clip Joint in Black which has never been reprinted.

Printed by USPCC with tuck boxes by Clove St.


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