White Tulip Playing Cards by Dutch Card House


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The Dutch Card House Company is celebrating its 5th Anniversary! Over the past five years, we have released various brands and decks of playing cards which have been well received by our customers. To celebrate this success, and continue the trend of releasing quality playing cards for enthusiasts, we release a new edition to the Tulip Delft Blue series here on Kickstarter today. Bringing our heritage to your home. Introducing you to the White Tulip!

The White Tulip deck is the 3rd installment in the Tulip Delft Blue series.  Custom-designed luxury playing cards featuring the renowned Delft Blue colors with the Tulip as the master centerpiece. These traditional-looking playing cards are suitable for cardists, collectors, magicians, card players, artists, Holland enthusiasts, and of course a perfect gift to your friends.

The overall design of the back of our White Tulip has the same eye-catching tulips with floral details, placed with ornamentals as seen in our previous editions.

The tuck of the White Tulip is made of matte paper stock and differs from the other two previous Delft Blue editions. Rather than showing the card back design on the back of the tuck case (like the Light and Dark blue editions), the White Tulip overall shows richly embossed tulip details instead.



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