Cardware® X-Body Cross Body Bag, 18 Deck Playing Trading Card Carrying Case


‘- holds 18 decks
– interior mesh pouch for accessories
– Water resistant
– adjustable dividers

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We ship all our decks in one of our free plastic deck protectors for their safety and your peace of mind!
All orders of 4, 6 or 10 decks will be shipped in one one of our storage gift boxes for free!

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The X-Body Carrier

“The first time I went to Cardistry-Con I saw kids carrying their decks in backpacks, duffle bags, canvas bags, wagons, etc. One kid even decided to bring all his decks in a violin case.  A VIOLIN CASE!”  -Nate Lex

We know that if you’re involved in the playing card community you probably own more than a couple decks right? 100? 500? Over 9,000? And you want to bring them to jams, meetups, and the cons to show other people or trade!

So if people own SO many cards, why isn’t there a bag specifically for carrying cards? Well, now there is…

Meet the X-Decks X-Body (Crossbody) Carrier! The first over the shoulder bag specifically designed with cardists in mind. (Or magicians and collectors)

The X-Body can hold 18 decks comfortably. Even while the decks are inside our XDS-1’s (Plastic Card Protector Sleeves)

The X-Body also comes with 5 foam dividers with velcro tabs.  So if you’re not bringing all 18 decks to the jam, you can stick a divider in to secure your preferred number of decks. We don’t want any crushed corners now do we? (;

The X-Body is equipped with a mesh pocket inside the lid to hold stickers, pins, chargers, earphones, wallets, or a sharpie in case you run into your favorite cardist and want them to sign something!

Perfect for your Fontaine, Missing New York, Magic MTG, Pokemon, Anyone, D&D, Bicycle, Butterfly Magic, Card Mafia, Cherry Casino, Jerry’s Nugget, Dealersgrip, Fulton, King’s Wild, Lotusinhand, Oath, Orbit, Riffle Shuffle, Stockholm17, Theory 11, Thirdway Industries TWI, Virtuoso playing Cards!


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