YaYa’s Alpaca Farm Playing Cards by Mike Blandin


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Mike’s Dad bought his first alpacas looking to find something to cheer him up after his wife’s passing. After years of learning about the animals and getting remarried to a like minded alpaca lover they now do farm tours together, sharing the joy their animals bring with thousands of people. The farm currently has around 65 alpacas and has grown massively since their first tour!

The tours include learning all about the animals, getting to go out to feed the herd and a demonstration showing how products are made from their fiber. Some of the alpacas even come inside to hang out with you while you’re learning!

They also have an annual Christmas walk through event from the end of November til January. During this time the whole farm is fully decorated and lit up including a Christmas barn with about 25 Christmas trees and a 100 year old sleigh among the alpacas you can sit in to take memorable photographs. All along the walk through you meet and feed different alpacas and enjoy their company during the Holidays.

YaYa’s Alpaca Farm 
30200 E 275th Rd

Garden City, MO 64747
Phone: 816-213-7555


The playing cards feature 13 alpacas drawn from actual alpacas at the farm. (i.e. Eddie is the Kings, Christmas is the Queens and so on)


The suits have been redesigned with elements from the farm as well!

Hearts – Hay & Grass Bundles

Clubs – Clovers

Diamonds – Name Tags of actual alpacas

Spades – Shovels w/ Alpaca poop lol


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