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Is there anything you are interested in? Something you love to do and fully involved in, something a part of your life. We are searching for meaning in life, and we love playing cards. After over a year of designs, iterations, and preparations, we now proudly present the Aura Playing Cards.

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Aura playing cards, a 100% custom deck of playing cards, an awesome combination of ideas, patterns, and UV coating. This deck is not only outstanding designs but also the great handling by using the Vintage Stock and the Legendary Finish. That allows you to do your performance well, such as magic tricks, cardistry, card games, or even collection. The Aura playing cards are like an artwork that you are rarely seen before in playing cards.

Imagine how wonderful when you deep in something. Maybe you like to cook, maybe you like to ride a motorcycle, and maybe you like to do cardistry. That’s the inspiration to the Aura playing cards.

You can think of an aura as a reflection of your state of being. For example, you are a sneakerhead, like to collect sneakers, be familiar with every detail on different sneakers, even know the histories of them. When it comes to sneakers, you can’t hide your feelings of joy. People can feel your passion for it, as a unique aura of you.

We’d like to create a simple but powerful deck. Trying to emphasize the aura’s concept in the design, we not only working on the patterns but the materials. There are so many different options. After some internal discussion, we thought the ultraviolet coating(UV coating) is a great way to try. The stunning shine makes graphical elements to pop. That will be an excellent way to make this deck stand out.

We did testing and prototyping in the development. It is no easy thing, using UV coating on printed playing cards paper within poker finish. In the process, it is not easier than foil stamping. Furthermore, keeping the nice handling, making sure color is printed right on the printed area, and thinking locations on the patterns to spot the concept. We have solved many problems to create this deck and make sure that everything runs great even already over our budget.

  • 100% custom deck (52 playing cards & 2 jokers)
  • Unique artwork on the back and the tuck box with UV Coating
  • Limited to 500
  • Only on Kickstarter
  • Vintage Stock
  • Legendary Finish
  • Printed in Taiwan by TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card Co.)
  • Distributed by Waltty (Waltty Playing Card Studio)

This is a limited edition of only 500 decks and never will be reprinted.


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