Cosmic Exploration Blue Playing Cards (Space-X) by Jon Ramer & Nick Stevens


What special features does the Spacecraft of the World deck have?

  – 54 highly detailed spacecraft 

  – Holographic ink on the face of the cards

  – Foil on the back of the cards

  – Embossed ink on the tuck boxes

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Engines primed, ignition to armed, we are “go” for the countdown….

GO SPACE-X!!! 🙂 Yes, the new Space-X space suit and the Heavy Falcon rocket are in the deck! It’s like someone knew it was going to happen….

ROCKETS!! Who doesn’t love them? They are the ultimate symbol of humanity’s curiosity and technical prowess. First invented around 1100 AD by the Chinese and used for fireworks and warfare, today they carry people and machines into space and the farthest reaches of our solar system. In an interesting coincidence, the Chinese also invented playing cards about the same time. Perhaps those two events should be combined in some way….

Introducing the Cosmic Exploration: Spacecraft of the World playing card deck!

This stellar deck of cards brings the thrill and love of space exploration into your gaming hands. Space vehicles from around the world adorn the cards, showing the incredible technical skills of national space agencies in amazing detail.

The Spades are rockets launched by United States, the Diamonds are rockets from the Soviet Union / Russia, the Hearts are rockets from other space-faring countries, and the Clubs are craft that have carried life into space.  The spacecraft are meticulously modeled and placed over a red nebula (Diamonds and Hearts), or blue nebula or the Earth (Spades and Clubs).


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