Dark Cell (V2) Playing Cards by Vermilion Collection


  • Printed by KingStar (V1 was printed with WJPC)
  • Fulfilled by Vermilion Collection
  • Upgraded UV Ink on the card front, card back and tuck box
  • Glows in the dark under UV light, up to 3 times brighter than V1
  • Blue edge (Dark Cell Only)

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Light Factor and Dark Cell are based on the concept of darkness and light.

The cards have different effects when exposed to ultraviolet light. “Light Factor” absorbs the energy of light under the action of ultraviolet light. The face card will evolve angel halo and angel wings. “Dark Cell” generates the dark mutation effect under ultraviolet light. The neurons on the back of the card show bleeding red light and shadow, and the face cards also produce mutation markings


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