DEMON V2 Vengeance Classic Silver Gilded 1/250 Playing Cards by Card Mafia


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  • The Demon V2: Vengeance Classic Edition Gilded in SILVER with an all Silver seal. Limited to 250 decks 
  • The Demon V2: Vengeance Variant Edition Gilded in RED with an all RED seal. Limited to 250 decks
  • Each deck from both editions will come with a unique foiled number seal 1 of 250
  • Maximum of 3 SETS (6 Decks) per backer to add-on
  • Kickstarter Exclusive so it will not be available after this campaign

Welcome to the next chapter of our success story! Building upon the triumph of our Demon Playing Cards, we are thrilled to present our latest creation – the spellbinding Demon V2 Playing Cards – Return of the Bloodmoon. Unleashing the essence of darkness and allure, this new deck is a testament to our commitment to exceptional design and craftsmanship. Join us in summoning the devil’s charm as we embark on this infernal journey once more, making a mark in the world of playing cards.

Vengeance Edition😈 Features:

  • Comes in 2 Versions: Classic Edition (Red) & Variant Edition (Silver) 1 of 1650
  • A unique opening system that mimics the movements of a batwing
  • Advanced 3D Embossing Technology applied to the tuck case.
  • Undergoes Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping, Laser Cutting, and Hand Assembly.
  • Tuck case that implements elegant hot foils imported from Germany: Red, Silver, and Black
  • Back Design is crafted with white border, casino quality card stock
  • Cards are manufactured with stunning Metallic Ink integrated on the faces
  • Can be combined as a Trio when you purchase 3 Vengeance Edition Decks

The Vengeance Edition😈, a striking contrast to the Gigantic Edition with its more restrained yet familiar appearance. However, don’t be deceived by its subtle look, for the Vengeance Edition holds a captivating secret. With a simple lift of the batwing, you gain exclusive access to its hidden treasures. Building upon the success of the Vengeance Edition, we are thrilled to unveil two new captivating versions: the Classic Edition and the Variant Edition (limited to only 1 of 1650).

The Classic Edition showcases an elegant tuck case adorned with red and black foil. Its distinctive back design features a white border and symmetrical court card design, making it a perfect choice for collectors who enjoy handling their cards with a touch of sophistication.

Not stopping at just the Ace of Spades, the entire set of Aces has been reimagined with the same devilish and captivating designs, seamlessly complementing the allure of the tuck case. Each Ace carries its own unique charm, making them a true delight to behold and a remarkable addition to this extraordinary deck.

Prepare to be astonished as the court cards take on an entirely new identity, transcending the realm of ordinary playing cards. No longer confined to the traditional Jacks, Queens, and Kings, they have been stunningly reimagined as magnificent warriors, powerful witches, and menacing hellish creatures.


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