Evil Deck v1 (Original) Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni/Thirdway Industries


  • Custom seal
  • UV print on tuck box
  • Inner printed Tuck box
  • 54 cards
  • Master finish
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.
  • Original 2014 version

In stock

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A hybrid of graphic design and illustration, the Evil Deck have a simple and modern look. Every card is individually illustrated (not only the courts!), and the Theme is, of course, Evil.

The suits have sub-themes: Clubs are Nature, Hearts are Passion, Diamonds are Violence and Spades are Magic.

The tuck box is matte, embossed and inner printed – with a custom seal. The white parts have an UV supergloss finish.

Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.

This is the first deck made by Thirdway Industries and won the Discourse Design Deck Contest.

Evil Deck won a contest in 2014 and I’ve received 432 decks as prize, starting my journey into the world of playing cards. Those went “permanently sold out” a lot of years ago. However, EPCC printed more Evil Decks to sell on their own, for cover their expenses. I thought their reserve was nearly sold out as well, but I realized few days ago they had still few hundreds of decks, and I’ve decided to buy them for my site and Patrons. So, from December 2019, Evil Deck is (temporarily) back in stock!

Some important information:

  • My new reserve is just few hundreds, so Evil Deck is back, but still low stock
  • Those I am selling are the original 2014 Evil Decks – this is not a reprinting or a remake.
  • I’ve put a limit of 50 Evil Decks total with the special price of $19, but no individual limit.


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