Betrayers Veritas Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni/Thirdway Industries



  • Betrayers inverted suits
  • Betrayer subtle one way back
  • Two ways, crazy courts – completely redesigned
  • Every court tells a story
  • Betrayal limited edition deck
  • Perfect for magic and cardistry
  • Purposely difficult to play with

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LIMITED EDITION: Only a certain number will be printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

“I am a liar – that’s the truth.”

Betrayers is a series of playing cards by Thirdway Industries, designed by the Italian designer, Giovanni Meroni.

Betrayers Veritas Playing Cards is the last, crazy deck of the Betrayers series, and represents the pure essence of betrayal.

Suits are inverted: Hearts and Diamonds are blue, and Spades and Clubs are red. This will make your game night more complicated – but also more fun!

The back is one way – check it closely. Once you know this, you can use this deck for effects… or just to cheat.

The Courts of Betrayers Veritas are completely different from those of Lucis, Tenebra and Invictus. And they’re two-faced! Also, every Court tells a story.

Warning – This deck is a true betrayer: suits have inverted colors and it will be purposely difficult to play with.


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