Fresh Cuts (Barber/Stylist) Playing Cards Vintage Edition by Deryn Le


  • Printed by The United States Playing Card Company
  • Premium stock
  • Linen finish
  • Traditional cut
  • Custom 2-way backs
  • Hand-drawn courts
  • Fully custom faces
  • Reveal Jokers for color changes
  • Reveal on the Queen of Hearts
  • Cut card
  • Shout out card

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I went to my barber to get a haircut some time ago. During this session, he asked me about the card collecting addiction I have. I explained to him that I’m a magician, which lead to collecting playing cards. He also asked about my I’mPossible Bottles. As I sat there getting my hair cut, I rummaged through my brain on which deck I could bottle for him to display on his station.

Nothing came to mind.

I wondered if there was a barber/stylist themed deck. I saw a few that were themed around facial hair but that’s really not about barbers and hair stylists. After searching Portfolio52, Google, ebay and other sources, I couldn’t find anything.

This was my inspiration.

I’ve always loved the vintage look of classic barbershop logos and their storefront. The letter styling with all the embellishments and ornamentation were always beautiful to me. This is what I wanted to capture within Fresh Cuts.


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