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Shodou Playing Cards – Authentic Japanese Calligraphy Art Culture inspired playing cards depicting Japanese numbers on the Faces with fantastically elegant Half-bordered Backs AND Faces. Printed in Taiwan by Hanson Chien Production Company (HCPC) using Thin Luxury Stock, Royal Finish and Limited to just 1000 Decks.
The Shodou deck steps away from classic pips and features Japanese letters (kanji) from 1 to 10 on the faces. The court cards are represented with the words Prince (Ouji), Princess (Oujo) and King (Ousama). These 3 words share the same Letter Ou (王) which enhances the unity of the court cards. The Jokers opposing the courts represented as Demon (Oni).
These are also the only cards, that have no color suit, which have been replaced with the letters for the 4 basic elements. Spades = Earth (土) Hearts = Water(水) Clubs = Wind(風) Diamonds = Fire(火)
Half borders designed with supreme fanning abilities and the ultimate spreads on the highest quality card stock.
This special HIGH END DECK is the result of a love for Japanese Culture and Cardistry. Cardistry itself an art form, where you express yourself. That’s how the idea for this deck was born. The result is a unique, yet simple deck of playing cards, made especially for cardists, but is also great for collectors and magicians. Consisting of only 2 colors White and Dark Red. Two circles (Ensō) placed on the back and middle find the letter of happiness (幸) and the circle motif -symbol of enlightenment


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