Lofi Mix Vol. 1 Uncut Sheet


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– We decided to create a lofi deck because of its relatability and playfulness! We think that everyone in this community has probably listened to Lofi before, if you haven’t just look it up on YouTube.  Everyone probably knows who the lofi girl is if you don’t also YouTube that. If you look through the deck you’ll see many nods to lofi videos and subtle Japanese and music culture.

– We print through the US playing card company. We have customized court cards designed by the talented Max Jung. They are close to default courts with slight (sleight) alterations and custom colors. (You should take a peek.) We also have a free collectors boom box (that plays music) for anyone who purchases 4 or more decks of lofi playing cards, while supplies last. We distribute through X-Decks playing cards which means that every package will be hand packaged and delivered by our fulfillment team. 

– With the court cards we wanted to make sure they were custom but not too far from default that they were unrecognizable. Every court card has special elements added to it. Some with headphones, some holding smart phones and chewing bubblegum and others playing with other pieces of technology.
AND our special King of Hearts has a special trick with a reveal. We’d love to teach you the trick and that will be released on our YouTube channel.

– The aces are all based around actions that may be taken in a music interface i.e. Add, Pause, Favorite, and Play.

– The number cards all have custom colors on them with each card having a pip that looks like a neon light.

– The jokers are made to resemble items you may find in a lofi video. Such as a cup of coffee or a soda can. Also did you notice what brand the soda is?

– The back design was created to represent a scene you might find if you googled lofi. The back includes 4 radio waves on each side of the back that make for a great design in rotation moves such as paddidle or WERM. These waves also glow under black light. The center is an abstract idea of more wifi radio waves and the rest of the background includes shooting stars and a sky speckled with faint basic stars. It includes pink clouds as well as utility poles. These poles hint to X-Decks’ founder who is the CEO of H-J a family of companies. 

– The tuck box of this deck is designed to look like a Walkman which is a vintage portable cassette player.


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