Tsukuyomi Kisetsu Playing Cards by Max Jung & Nate Lex


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Tsukuyomi Playing cards are the first edition to the Kisetsu Cards family. The Tsukuyomi deck is printed on premium stock and with Cambric finish and is X-decks first deck of their first brand with many more planned to be launched.  These cards were created by Nate Lex (Founder of OPC) and Max Jung and are equipped with custom colors and modified court cards. The court cards are modified with allusions to the shinto religion as well as some of your favorite anime characters, can you guess who they are?  This deck also features some reveals and cards that are specifically designed for magic. This deck takes inspiration from japanese art and includes The Great Wave off Kanagawa and the blood moon which is based on the god Tsukuyomi in the shinto religion. These decks are from a limited run and will not be re-printed.

2 reviews for Tsukuyomi Kisetsu Playing Cards by Max Jung & Nate Lex

  1. Sebastian Chapman (verified owner)

    I ordered two decks and got them in the mail 4 days later. They came with the normal plastic wrap and were put in a harder plastic casing and then put into bubblewrap. Needless to say, they were in perfect condition. I also received a few stickers and a signed ten of diamonds from the artist himself. The colors are beautiful on the tuck and the cards themselves have flawless prints and cuts. I couldn’t be happier with the unique design and the unboxing experience. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Shout-out to Nate and Max and of course X-decks. Looking forward to more!

  2. chessmathster16 (verified owner)

    Really great cards that handle well and have a unique theme to them!!
    EXTREMELY satisfied with the speed at which I received my decks, the quality of the packing and how many bonuses were included.
    Thank you!!!

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