Low Poly Sharks Playing Cards by Unrivaled Decks


  •  Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)
  • Made on Premium stock with air cushion finish
  • One time print run of 1000 decks
  • Completely custom design
  • 56 cards: 52 poker cards, 2 jokers, and 2 custom art cards
  •  Our first deck ever!

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Sharks, one of the most famous marine animals to date, are feared and respected by aquatic life and humans alike. Their amazing and intimidating figure is recognized worldwide as the epitome of villainous underwater predators. However, we at Unrivaled Decks saw past the terrifying stigma surrounding sharks and instead see them as the beautiful and powerful sea creatures that they really are. Inspired by the shark’s majesty, our deck’s theme focuses on imitating the greatness of sharks, showcasing the three most iconic sharks in the world: the hammerhead, the mako, and the great white. As artists and cardists, we felt it fitting to design an original deck stylized around our vision of sharks in completely custom, low-poly beauty. As such, we wanted to create a deck suitable for all purposes that aims to replace preconceived notions of the scary, predatory beast depicted by pop culture with the shark’s sublime beauty.

And so, Unrivaled Decks proudly presents our debuting  Low-Poly Sharks Deck. Designed for magicians, cardists, and collectors alike, Low-Poly Sharks pay homage to the beauty and majesty of sharks while providing you a colorful deck of cards that is great for any situation.

    • Standard poker size cards with standard size pips and indices
    • Low-poly themed aesthetic
    • 2 way back design
    • Broken borders designed for cardistry
    • Custom tuck case
    • Custom pips and indices
    • Custom Ace of Spades
    • Customized Court Cards
    • Two Custom Jokers
    •  Two Custom Art Cards


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