Mantecore Playing Cards by Edo Huang


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Magicians, cardists or poker players, Mantecore Playing Cards will suit your needs. Mantecore sports an original and striking back design with custom aces, pips and court cards. These cards will also last longer than your average deck as they are printed by the good guys at Legends Playing Cards Company.

They have breathed new life into the classic back design, by redesigning everything from the backs to the pips from scratch but still kept the Rider Backs overall layout.

Mantecore was named as a tribute to magicians Siegfried and Roy’s famous tiger. The tiger was chosen as the main theme for the deck because of their love of these majestic beasts.

The backs of the cards feature an intricate design inspired by one of the most classic back designs of all-time, the Rider Backs.

Every part of the design for the back of the cards have been carefully thought of. From how it looks in a fan, to when it is spread vertically and horizontally, as well as when it is spun on one finger. There are even areas for magicians to “work their magic”.

Mantecore has custom pips (Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds) that have a fresh new look but are yet easily recognizable.

All 4 aces have a tiger interacting with the pip in the middle.

The court cards have been simplified and enlarged, taking inspiration from 2 of their favorite decks Smoke and Mirrors, and Magic Con 2012 by Dan and Dave. The simplified court cards have their faces tweaked to look younger. The borders that restrict the royals have also been removed. The color of their clothing have been tweaked to match the color scheme of the deck as well.

They have worked closely with Lawrence Sullivan from Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC) to print these cards to our specifications in Taiwan. LPCC has for the past few years produced world class playing cards that cardists, magicians and poker players adore; such as the highly sought after Legends #852 v.1 and v.2. Their traditionally cut European card stock has a great snap and feel, coupled with precise printing registration making really thin borders possible which look great in fans and spreads. Mantecore Playing Cards will feature LPCC’s signature Emerald Finish which feels and handles wonderfully and lasts for a long time even in warm and humid weather where cards tend to clump easily.


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