Midas Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni/Thirdway Industries


  • Almost all white… but printed with invisible ink and neon ink!
  • Courts, pips, jokers printed with invisible ink (revealed with a blacklight)
  • Index printed with neon ink (visible in normal condition and fluorescent under blacklight)
  • Fantasma cards are printed by USPCC
  • Same deck included into Spirit Sleeve, but cellowrapped on its own

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A standalone series dedicated to Midas, the Phrygian king popular for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This is designed to be the goldest decks ever.

This deck was touched by Midas, and therefore is completely turned into gold. The court cards, the pips, the backs. Even the box.

The only exception are two of the three Jokers included in the deck, since King Midas and Silenus are immune to the “Golden Touch”.

Silenus was Dionysus foster father, that was found and hosted by Midas. The satyr rescue was the reason that the God of Wine granted the wish to the greedy Phrygian King.

The third Joker represent Midas young daughter, who tried to embrace him and was also turned into gold.



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