Moment X Cards: “Vivid” Edition Playing Cards by Andrey Akpinar


· This deck will NOT be reprinted

· Changes Color Under Blue Light

· Colorful two-way custom back design.

· Custom Ace of Spades, Jokers, Court Cards, Several Number Cards and Pips.

· Includes a Double Backed Card for Magicians and Magic Routines.

· Printed by the USPCC

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Yes, you heard us right! After some experimentation, our deck actually changes color under blue lights and creates an inverted appearance to the actual deck. It is quite incredible that it does so and makes for some insane looking cardistry both in real life, and on camera! As soon as these cards arrive at your doorstep, you can try this feature out, it’s incredible!

Each court card is custom designed and features a different pattern throughout each court. No two are alike. Likewise, the 9 of Diamonds, Spades, Hearts and Clubs all have custom pips which pays homage to the number ‘9’ I graffitied in the tunnel, symbolizing the age that I first found out about Cardistry and Magic: at age 9! There is one double-backer for all you fellow magicians and sleight of hand artists out there. I personally know the pain of not having one in the decks I love and wanted to make sure you’re not without one when performing for an audience.

Clean, minimalistic and colorful. Our Aces continue the color theme seen throughout the deck, and showcases the Custom Ace of Spades which features part of our back design morphed into the spade. We didn’t want to have any writing on the Ace in order to have a consistent theme throughout all the face and court cards…except the Jokers. 😉

The twin jokers are not only cool to look at, but they wanted to make a small appearance as a comedy duo! They feature the original back design on one of them, and a purple version on the ‘Evil Twin’. I thought of adding a bit of humor to the jokers would be fun. After all, they are…jokers. 😉



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