Mono-heXa Chroma No Seal by Luke Wadey


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  • Special edition deck in the Mono series
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Premium Bee stock, traditionally cut, air cushion finish
  • 56 fully custom cards including 2 jokers, a double backer and a gaff card
  • Printed in metallic purple Pantone ink
  • Fully custom tuck printed in metallic ink

Mono – heXa Playing Cards: Chroma Edition
Designed by Luke Wadey, this fresh approach to a workers deck combines modern cardistry-inspired patterns with metallic ink luxury.

What happens when you take a cardistry deck series and give it a magic twist? The Chroma Edition takes the wild aesthetics of Mono – heXa and refines them in to an elegant deck, creating a completely unique take on what a magic deck can be.

The iconic Mono line pattern loses its full bleed and gradients, replacing them with thin borders set out with the luxury of a metallic pantone ink. The tuck transforms to an understated design, the metallic ink creates a solid block of reflective luxury without the intricacy we are expected to find on this kind of deck. Traditional face colours of red and black suits are introduced, whilst the metallic ink pops on the modified courts. The deck features reveals on the tuck and gaff card to give your routines that little something special.

This limited deck questions what a modern workers deck can be, combining cardistry and magic in a contemporary and unique style. Perhaps this will not be the first Mono Chroma Edition….


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