Monolith Singularity Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni/Thirdway Industries


  • Holographic Flood Foil on both sides
  • Experimental tuck box with neon pigment + 1 layer of holographic foil + embossing
  • Neon pigment is purposely imperfect, giving the deck a “distressed/ancient” look. Check the gallery before you buy! If you want a “standard looking” deck, check Monolith Horizon.
  • Reacts under blacklight – neon inks became fluorescent and the holographic foil reflects the blacklight, with a crazy effect. Check the gallery!
  • Sealed and Numbered
  • Limited Edition, just 1500 made
  • Printed by EPCC
  • Direct sequel of Black and White Monolith

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Monolith Singularity is a luxurious deck designed mainly for collection. It will feature Holographic flood foil on the cards. Combined with neon inks, this deck is probably even crazier than Black Monolith.


– The most holographic series ever created, with metallic and neon inks printed directly on holographic flood foil.

– Flood foil is extremely colorful, bright, reflective and dense.

– Two different boxes: Singularity, experimental with neon pigment and Horizon, with classic foil.

– When exposed to black light, the colors explode, with violet reflections and fluorescence.


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