MUMBALA Original White Deluxe Playing Cards by Quinto C


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Before making the cards, We dived into researching the traditional playing cards we know today from the pips, the history, the origination, etc.

We decided to use the classic French pips (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades). But adapting the figures to each of the ape families we like the most.

Gorillas. Great-hearted warrior apes if you’re good to them.

Baboons. Luxurious apes. From the old world, they have all the diamonds.

Chimpanzees. Apes capable of using weapons. Watch out for their swords.

Orangutans. Quiet apes. Always hidden behind the leaves.

Marmoset. Friend of other people’s stuff. He likes to steal.

Design of the box is inspired by the habitat of the apes. In the central image we have decided to put the joker because he transmits the cunning of poker.


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